The book carries comments by Prof Irina Burova of St Petersburg

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Which offer deep insights on these themes, generally not available at the first glance.Reflections include poems such as Shadow, Enmeshed, Time Travel among others which are based on experiences from my own life so far. Reminiscences include poems on my family, Moscow and Delhi.The book carries comments by Prof Irina Burova of St Petersburg State University, Asst Prof Gusel Strelkova of Moscow State University, eminent poet and literary critic K Satchidanandan and editor of several books of poetry Jehanara Wasi, to explain the hidden meanings and symbols to the readers.I was posted as Consul to the Consulate General of India in St Petersburg in August 2007 and I spent three years in this beautiful city. St Petersburg, located on the banks of the river Neva used to be the capital of the Russian Tsars before the Bolshevik Revolution, and is still known as the cultural capital of Russia.

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